Grackle is the common name of any of eleven passerine birds native to North and South America. They belong to various genera in the icterid family. In all the species with this name, adult males have black or mostly black plumage.

Genus Quiscalus
Boat-tailed grackle, Quiscalus major
Common grackle, Quiscalus quiscula
Great-tailed grackle, Quiscalus mexicanus
Slender-billed grackle, Quiscalus palustris – extinct (1910)
Nicaraguan grackle, Quiscalus nicaraguensis
Greater Antillean grackle, Quiscalus niger
Carib grackle, Quiscalus lugubris
Genus Hypopyrrhus
Red-bellied grackle, Hypopyrrhus pyrohypogaster
Genus Lampropsar
Velvet-fronted grackle, Lampropsar tanagrinus
Genus Macroagelaius
Golden-tufted grackle, Macroagelaius imthurni
Mountain grackle, Macroagelaius subalaris
Some members of the starling family have historically been called grackles. Tristram’s starling is sometimes known as “Tristram’s grackle”, and the hill mynas in the genus Gracula have also been called grackles.

Source: wikipedia