The banded pittas, Hydrornis (guajana) spp., are a group of birds in the Pittidae family that were formerly lumped as a single species, the banded pitta. They are found in forest in the Thai-Malay Peninsula and the Greater Sundas.

The group includes four birds, which can be divided into three main groups: The species from Java and Bali has a yellow eyebrow, underparts that are densely barred in yellowish and blackish-blue and a narrow blue band on the upper chest; irena and ripleyi from the Thai-Malay Peninsula and Sumatra have a more orange eyebrow, a blue belly and a chest that is barred orange and dark bluish (more orange towards the sides, blue towards the center); and schwaneri from Borneo has a blue mid-belly and yellow flanks and chest densely barred with blackish. Females of all birds are significantly duller than the males.

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