Despite this species’s large range, its total population size is probably moderately small as a result of the restricted nature of its preferred mangrove habitats. It is likely to be in moderately rapid decline as a result of habitat destruction, and is therefore considered Near Threatened.

Pelargopsis amauropterus has a coastal distribution in north-east India (locally common in West Bengal, rare elsewhere), Bangladesh (locally common), Myanmar (fairly common to locally common resident in the south-west and Tenasserim), peninsular Thailand (uncommon to locally fairly common on the west coast) and peninsular Malaysia (fairly common but restricted to islands of the north-west – Langkawi) (BirdLife International 2001). Despite being locally common, its total population may not be very large within this highly linear distribution, as it is largely limited to areas of mangrove, creeks and tidal rivers.

Source: Birdlife International